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Bloomington Deportation Defense Attorney

Who is eligible for cancellation of removal?

If you are in need of relief from deportation as a permit resident or non-permanent resident, you may benefit from filing for cancellation of removal. Cancellation of removal is a limited form of relief for individuals who are in the midst of removal proceedings before an immigration judge.

If the non-permanent resident can meet the following requirements, he or she may be entitled to apply:

  • Has been in the United States for 10 continues years
  • Is a person of good moral character
  • Can establish that the removal would subject another person to extreme, unusual hardship

Permanent residents who are convicted of specific crimes and are subjected to removal proceedings can also be eligible to file for cancellation of removal.

Effective Legal Guidance in Minnesota

At Udeani Law Office, our consultations are free and our fees are based on a flat-fee arrangement. During each of your consultations, our Minneapolis lawyer can further discuss your case and help you resolve the issue at hand. Our goal is to protect your rights during the course of your case and to help you obtain the best possible result to your situation.

Our Bloomington immigration attorney understands how troubling it is to be faced with removal proceedings. We offer our experience, knowledge, time, and tools to help you successfully apply for cancellation of removal. When it comes to this type of circumstance, you do not want to trust your case to inexperienced counsel. Select our firm for the full attention and legal guidance we provide.

Regardless of the reason for which you are placed in removal proceedings, it is essential to take legal action at once to cancel these actions. If you want to take legal action to avoid potential deportation, we can help. We can address the threat to your ability to stay in the U.S. and help you obtain a cancellation of removal.

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