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Bloomington Child Custody Lawyer

Child Custody Laws in Minnesota

Are you facing a child custody matter? At Udeani Law Office, we can help you resolve the issue and ensure that your child's best interests are made the central priority of the case. The state of Minnesota uses several criteria to make a decision regarding child custody. If you wish to file for child custody in Minnesota, we encourage you to speak with a member of our firm at once.

How Child Custody Is Decided

After parents make the decision to divorce, physical and legal custody of the child or children involved will need to be decided. If parents cannot agree to fair custody terms that the court can approve, then the court may intervene to issue a final ruling on the matter.

  • Legal custody - Legal custody refers to the right and responsibility of one or both parents to make decisions about how to raise the child. This type of custody will include decisions regarding education, religious upbringing, and healthcare.
  • Physical custody - The parent who receives physical custody has the right to make decisions about the daily routine of the child, including his or her activities. Physical custody also determines with whom the child will live.

The state may order joint legal and / or physical custody for both parents. Joint custody means that all rights and responsibilities are shared. If sole physical custody is ordered, parenting time may be granted to the noncustodial party. Parenting time is also referred to as "visitation" and is the time that the noncustodial parent spends with the child. Our firm can help you obtain this right.

Our Bloomington Family Law Firm Can Help You

A substantial amount of paperwork is involved in custody cases. If you and your current spouse are in disagreement regarding the child custody order, we can be of assistance. We have the experience and skills that you can count on throughout the duration of your case. At Udeani Law Office, communication with clients is a high priority.

We offer a free case evaluation for those dealing with matters of divorce. Contact us at your earliest convenience.

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