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Bloomington Family Law Attorney

Helping Families in Minneapolis Through Difficult Times

Is your family faced with a difficult legal circumstance that is threatening your relationships? Are you going through a complicated divorce? At Udeani Law Office, we have the experience and knowledge that is needed to effectively handle a wide range of family law matters.

Our family law attorney in Bloomington is prepared to help you! We exhibit a strong work ethic when handling every case, and our team can be a quality asset to your situation. If your goal is to minimize the time and cost of a divorce action, we can help. Our goal is to help you successfully resolve family law disputes while remaining mindful of the costs and commitments of our clients.

Contact us at your earliest convenience to get started addressing your legal concerns!

Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Attorney Ignatius Udeani has extensive experience handling contested and uncontested divorce matters. Clients are offered the option in the methods used to arrive at settlement agreements including mediation, arbitration and social and financial early neutral evaluations. If divorce litigation cannot be avoided the attorney will aggressively advocate for and protect your parental rights and financial interests.

Child Support & Child Custody

Determining child support or custody plans can be complicated. It can be next to impossible to come up with an agreeable solution between you and your spouse. When it comes to financial help, an initial child support order will usually follow the Minnesota Child Support Guidelines; however, your financial situation and that of the other parent or party do change as time goes by. In addition the children grow and their needs change, your initial child support or custody order may need to be changed. Our attorney can help you obtain child support money that is owed to you, help you reduce the child support you have been ordered to pay, or help you gain better custody rights.


Establishing the paternity of a child will allow for child support and parenting plan to establish visitation or custody. Whether you are seeking to establish or challenge custody, we have the experience and resources to help you.

Domestic Violence

The Minneapolis & Bloomington area attorney of Udeani Law Office has extensive experience handling Orders for Protection, also known as domestic abuse. Minnesota statutes define "domestic abuse" as:

  • Physical harm or fear of harm inflicted by a family member.
  • Criminal sexual conduct committed by a family member.
  • Terroristic threats

If there is a threat of immediate or present danger of domestic abuse, a court may grant an "ex arte temporary order" for protection. This usually occurs if based on the allegation or other evidence that is submitted, there is reason to believe there is extreme fear of imminent harm.

Once a temporary order for protection is granted, the other party will have the right to challenge it through a hearing within 45 days. If you want to obtain an order for protection, or you want to challenge one that has been brought against you, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area attorney of Udeani Law Office has the experience and resources to represent you.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is the continued payment made from one spouse to another to maintain a certain standard of living after the divorce. We can represent you and ensure that you receive the highest amount of spousal support you are entitled to. In addition to seeking the highest support order, the Minneapolis & St. Paul area attorney of Udeani Law Office can also defend you against high and unfair spousal support payments.

Open Communication Throughout Your Case

One of our firm's greatest traits is that we meet with clients frequently and encourage constant communication throughout the duration of every case. If you have a question or concern at any point in your case, you should not hesitate to get in touch with our Bloomington family lawyer. To get started, schedule a free case evaluation. Every consultation with our firm from the beginning to the end of your case is absolutely free!

Client calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our firm is available to work with individuals on a regular basis to help them gain a strong understanding of their situations. Our fees are reasonable, and we also offer monthly payment plans to ensure that there will be no deterrent keeping you from obtaining necessary legal guidance.

Is your family in need of effective legal guidance?

At Udeani Law Office, we provide experienced and effective legal counsel to clients throughout Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our firm's legal team is very intelligent in all things associated with family law, and we are prepared to help you.

Your family deserves the highest quality representation available, so contact us at once for a free consultation!

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